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Easy Steps for Clutter Free Cords

Easy Steps for Clutter Free Cords

 Hide all of your cords. While this seems silly, you’d be surprised what a difference it makes to the eye. In design magazines and blogs, you NEVER see cords, but in your home you’ve got cords coming out of your ears. It’s so common, it’s often an overlooked addition to our clutter.




There are so many helpful products out there now for organizing your cords and cables. I have bins for my computers, phones, and game console's wires. For items that stay out most, like my computer and phone chargers, i use a cord taco. Super easy to roll up the cord and snap it on.

Try to have a designated place for your cords to go to ensure they get put up more often.



It's honestly the most annoying thing ever when your cord or cable comes undone and slips behind your desk or nightstand. These make sure that never happens again. It also keeps them untangled and easy to reach. 



White electrical tape is best if you have white baseboards (WHY DON'T THEY SELL WHITE PAINTERS TAPE????). Or if you have the paint, paint over the tape to really hide it.

Run the cord at the base of the molding and tape over it flat.

Lamps on tables, pull the cord straight behind the table then begin taping (with clear tape) to the back and down the back of the leg, to the baseboard or plug (whichever is closer).

Roll up all loose cords and secure them on one side instead of just stuffing them all behind the sofa. Repeat this around your room.

If the cord coming is from the ceiling, keep it at the top just like the base, until you get to a corner or seam, if possible, then run it down.

The key is to keep the cord camouflaged in a natural place- running along a baseboard or ceiling, or down a wall line. Someone who isn’t used to your home will not notice it.

If you own your home, an electrician can easily hide your cords in the walls much neater, but this is a great option for renters.

Clutter free rooms improve everything. I hope this helps!