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Do Those Actually Stay In?

Do Those Actually Stay In?

I get stopped All. The. Time. when I'm wearing my AirPods and asked how I like them.

For someone who's always on the go, and always talking or listening to music, AirPods are a game changer. The cords on the old EarPods used to always get tangled. No matter how well I folded them up and put them in my purse, I always had to detangle them before putting them in my ears. SOOOO Annoying. The AirPods don’t have cords, so I never have to deal with another tangle again. Also I used to get the cords caught on things-- in my car, on my purse, an occasional door handle, yep…. and they would get snatched out of my ears. I also was limited by where I could put my phone if I was using the headphones. Most of the time I had to hold my phone. Now I put my phone in my bag, zip it up, and I can listen or talk away.


Pros/ Cons


  • They never get tangled and never fall out of my ears.
  • The cords never break, because they have none.
  • The airpod technology greatly reduces background noise compared to the old EarPods.
  • When my hair is down you can’t really see them. (Although you do look like a crazy person talking to yourself. But I'll take it.)


  • You cannot control the volume on them yet, like you can on the EarPods. (But once you set it on your phone, it’s usually fine.)
    • Tip: You can ask Siri to turn the volume up or down.
  • They don’t work with plane TVs, but neither do your new (iPhone 6/7) earbuds with the lightning cable.
  • You can pull them out with your long hair, if you’re aggressively changing or fixing your hair.. (However, that rarely happens unless I'm shopping. Dressing room phone calls, anyone?)

Buy AirPods 



Go to Apple.com

Learn More About AirPods

Go to Apple.com


  • You currently have two options: Double tap to play/pause your music, or talk to Siri. 
    • You answer incoming calls with the double tap too.
    • More options are coming soon with an update.
  • It comes with a TicTac sized case that stores them and recharges them for you. It holds about 24 hours of battery life, and the pods hold up to 5 hours of battery life on one charge. 
    • 15 minutes of charging in the case will give you about 3 hours of battery life. 
    • I've only ran the battery down completely one time and I had back to back calls literally all day.
  • You can use Find My iPhone to locate your AirPods on a map.


My advice: I say upgrade! I think AirPods are the best new product from Apple in years. Happy Cord-Free Talking!



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