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London was everything I thought it would be. It is similar to New York, but cleaner and better public transportation. We didn't stay very long, but we sure did make it count. 

My London Hit List:

1. Harrod's  

Cassie and I were on a crazy tea kick and literally had tea 3-4 times a day. How can you resist those sweet little china tea sets?? One day we went to Harrods for tea time, and it was the highlight of the trip. Our knowledgeable server introduced me to Harrods Blend #49, and it changed my life.  

2. Selfridges

My second favorite thing was shopping at Selfridges. It is gigantic and glamorous. A true shopping heaven. They have free wifi inside too!

3. Tourist Sites

We spent an entire day as tourists seeing all the sights and walking along the river Thames, until- you guessed it- tea time. 

I don't recommend eating anywhere around the Big Ben or other touristy locations. I was on a mission to eat "fish and chips" and ended up very disappointed. 

4. Taxi Ride

Ride in a London taxi. They are huge and one row faces backwards. It's the strangest thing.

5. Be Spontaneous

One night while leaving Harrods, we noticed pretty lights over an ice skating rink at the Natural History Museum. Of course we had to do it. I could barely stand up, and the rink was melting, but it was so much fun. They even had a camera taking pictures of the skaters going around the rink. You know we found it.


6. Piccadilly Circus

You must see the Piccadilly Circus, at night. It's like Times Square, but smaller and more European. There are also a lot of great local pubs in the area.

7. Oxford Street

And the dazzling Oxford Street. It's the big shopping district (where Selfridges is).

It was holiday time, so the entire street had a canopy of glowing lights. So magical. 

8. The Shard

The Shard is tallest building in the UK, and has breathtaking views of the city. They have a restaurant there and the view is unbeatable. We ate overlooking the London Bridge! Also, be sure to visit the bathroom. It has floor to ceiling windows.

Tip: Don't stay out too late. Public transportation and restaurants close down pretty early. We almost got stuck on Oxford St. one night. Also, for some reason we were jet lagged and couldn't sleep in. Nothing opens early. So we couldn't get breakfast early, or dinner late. Very particular culture. Just be aware! 

I always love traveling with friends. Such wonderful memories (and inside jokes).

I hope you plan some fun trips with your besties soon!  xx Jesica